Value Peak Limited (“VPL”) is a real estate management company offering property management and agency services. Our values include professionalism, transparency and accountability. We are client centric and endeavor to offer great value and assure peace of mind in our service delivery.

Our Mission: To provide professional property management and real estate agency services.

Our Brand Promise:  To be your trusted partner, offer great value and guarantee your peace of mind.

Our Value Proposition

  • Value for Money. Rent collection will be collected in the landlord’s account and security deposits held in a money market account in favour of the landlord.
  • Your peace of mind begins with having the right tenant in your property. VPL will vet all potential tenants and secure the tenancy through an effective lease agreement.
  • A stitch in time saves nine. VPL will carry out regular property inspections to ensure that any maintenance issues are addressed in a timely manner, saving our client significant costs in the long-term.
  • Time is money. Property ownership comes with simple but important errands that our clients may not have the time to run. VPL will handle all these on your behalf.
  • Nobody is a monopoly of knowledge. Tell us about your property management challenges and we will explore workable solutions for you.