We offer the following property management services

  1. Marketing property for rent

We will advertise your property for rent on our website and on other relevant media. We prepare the property for viewing by ensuring it is clean and has both interior and exterior appeal.

  1. Tenant screening and selection

Having the right tenant in your property will be key to ensuring your peace of mind. We will screen all prospective tenants and select only the ideal for your property.

  1. Handling legal documentation

We ensure that each tenancy is secured with an effective lease agreement. We initiate and oversee this process to completion. We also monitor to ensure that tenants in your rental property are complying with the covenants of the tenancy agreement.

  1. Rent Collection

Our preferred service model for rent collection is for deposits to be made directly into the client’s rent specific account. We request that VPL is granted access to the bank statement for this rent account to allow for smooth reconciliations. We follow up on rent payments with the tenants and take necessary measures to enforce payment by due dates. We also advise our clients hold the security deposits in a money market account in their name.

  1. Property Inspections

A stitch in time saves nine. We adopt a proactive approach to maintenance by performing regular property inspections to discover and deal with problems early and perform regular preventive maintenance to protect your investment.

  1. Property Repairs, Maintenance and Re-modelling

We oversee repairs, maintenance and re-modelling works on your property, ensuring that you get value for your money in terms of quality delivered. We will also recommend maintenance crew from our networks of experienced handymen and professional contractors.

  1. Account Statements

Our property management software allows us to maintain detailed documentation of expenses relating to your property and maintain historical records relating to paid invoices, leases and inspection reports. We will provide you with an easy to read monthly cash-flow statement detailing breakdown of rent paid and any expenses applicable. This statement will be accompanied by our invoice for commissions due.

  1. Handling Tenant Move In and Move outs

Our team ensures that all tenants move in and move outs are done smoothly and in a professional manner.

  1. Evictions

In the event that the tenant has failed on numerous occasions to honor the covenants of the tenancy agreement, our team will handle removal of tenant and their possessions in accordance with the provisions of the law.

  1. Utility Payments

Property ownership comes with simple but important errands that you may not have the time to run. VPL will handle all these on your behalf.